Personal Growth is a Lifetime Commitment

Personal growth begins the day you are born. As soon as you are born you take in your new surroundings and learn some of the basics. You learn to eat, to grab, to smile. For a time your personal growth is self-directed. You want to do things like move, crawl, walk, talk. You get help from others but somewhere in that little mind of yours, instinct and the desire to grow drive you to new successes.

At some point during early childhood your personal growth becomes directed by others. You are sent to school where you learn all the building blocks that lead to integration into society. Much of your personal growth during childhood is directed by others – by your parents and your teachers.

After a long and arduous path (it seems long at the time) you enter adulthood. Here you start to co-create your personal growth. You choose some direction while still getting guidance and instruction from others. You might enter college and be forced into some general education classes before pursuing the courses of your choosing.

After college, or after high school if you skip college, the externally directed self-growth stops, and you are left on your own.
Many people take a break from growth at this point, and spend some time living life. This is a break worth taking. You may be somewhat burned out on growth and learning at this point, and it’s a good idea to recharge.

Some people never restart their growth. They continue plugging away at life and by the time they get to the end they wonder where all the time went.

Others plunge back into growth and for the first time in their lives they are able to completely self-direct their growth. You might take some classes just for fun. You might read some books. You might join a club. The possibilities for self-growth are endless.

Self-directed personal-growth is empowering. You are completely free to learn and improve anything. There is a wealth of resources available to you in your quest for growth. You can read books, blogs, and journals. You can take classes. You can seek mentors or life coaches.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to grow, it just matters that you do. Anthony Robbins once said, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” Growth is the uphill walk to greater things. Dying is the slow march towards death, it’s trudging along without trying new things, seeking new experience, or exploring new ideas.

Growth is a lifetime commitment to live.


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