Eden Journal Blogiversary – Video Post

Here is the grand finale of Blogiversary week.  It’s me in my first video. If you are viewing in RSS or email, you might have to click through to the site.

I have a couple of points from the video that I want to highlight.

Be sure you enter my contest.  I”m giving away four fantastic eBooks and one slightly used copy of The Book of Awesome.

I’d also really love it if some my blogging friends would join me in this month’s Personal Development Campfire.  The theme this month is Comfort Zone.  Posts go live on October 15.  Here is the info on how to participate.

Thanks for joining me during Blogiversary week, I hope you had as much fun as I did!


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    Hey Eric – Nice job on your first video! It’s quite a treat to “meet” you in person, so to speak. I’ve been catching up on all your posts this week. I loved it when you said, “Well, 95 subscribers isn’t anywhere near 1000, but I’m OK with that.” You bet! I like how you normalize it for all of us with little blogs that are kind of doing their own thing. (Like me; and btw my 75 subscribers mean the world to me. The fact that I have any subscribers at all kind of amazes me!). So keep doing what you’re doing, and thanks for that nice bit of link love in the “blogs I read” list.
    Patty – Why Not Start Now?´s last blog post ..Love and Work

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    Eric, my friend, bravo, bravo & BRAVO! I applaud you, Sir!

    The first one is kinda nerve-wrecking, huh?

    Very good to “meet you” even though you have let us into your world a lot already. Are there going to be more vids in the future? I personally like doing videos more and more every time I do one. Regardless, I appreciate your efforts and look forward to your progress this upcoming year.

    Ali´s last blog post ..Positive Affirmations for Holistic Self-Empowerment

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    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I’ve been meaning to sign up to your newsletter for awhile so I have no problem signing up for the contest. Those look like really interesting e-books.

    I’m also going to consider joining the campfire, although I can’t promise anything yet because I have been really busy with stuff lately.

    Also congrats on your first video. You seem very personable and genuine. Keep it real.
    Steven´s last blog post ..PsychNews- Oct 3 – 9

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      Thanks Steven. Odds are good for the contest, I don’t have a lot of people entered so far.

      I’d love to have you in the campfire. I know what you mean about being busy, it seems the world has gotten busier lately, myself included. I’m not sure why that is exactly, everything seems to have picked up the pace. If you do find some time, I’d love to have you participate.

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    I think I should have signed up while ago for your blog posts on RSS already, I am going to double check!

    It is finally great to see you, although I do remember your slide video at park too! But it is great to hear you talk and wishing you congratulations again on your anniversary!

    I am not sure, if I can do campfire, although I love the subject, I am swamped with school and teaching and of course lovely kids :-) Take care.

    Zengirl @ Heart and Mind´s last blog post ..Feeling overwhelmed 8 ways to find relief from it

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      Hey Preeti,
      Yep, my park video was actually my first video, but I was just giggling with joy in that one. This one I actually talked. :)

      Also, make sure you sign up for my new mailing list too, to get entered in the contest. The mailing list is new and is separate from the RSS feed.

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    Fine job and nice introduction…doing a video would be extremely out of my comfort zone…Good work.

    I think the campfire idea sounds wonderful….I will have to wait for another month probably. I have a new one month job evaluating grants and actions and I have just come home with at least 8,000 pages of reading to accomplish …so it may look like I disappeared but I will read when I am able.
    I may have 8,000 blog posts to read next month.

    I am subscribed! part of the cheering 95

    Thanks for keeping me thinking and the brain working to it’s best levels.

    Happy Anniversary Tweeted!
    Patricia´s last blog post ..New Projects and Adventures

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      Hey Patricia,
      Wow, 8000 pages. I can hardly imagine reading that much, even if it were great literature, which by the sounds of it, this is not. Good luck with all that reading and I’ll see you when you emerge from those pages.

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