You Are…

You are beautiful

Have you ever seen and ugly husband and wife couple together.  They found beauty in each other.  Have you ever had a crush and looked back years later to wonder what the heck were you thinking?  They stayed the same; it was your opinion that changed.  Did you ever see the movie “Shallow Hal,” where Hal’s fixation on external beauty is reversed by Tony Robbins, making him only able to see the inner beauty?  This really happens in a sense; inner beauty can impact how you are seen by others.  Internet beauty is the latest variety of fakery; it is all about camera angles and photo shopping. 

You are beautiful just the way you are.  You do not need everyone to think you are beautiful, because that never really happens to anyone, even to top A-list stars and models.  Someone will find them unattractive.

You are beautiful if you think you are.  How many people do you need to reinforce that fact?

You are beautiful.

You are smart

Did you make it through Kindergarten, learning your alphabet and counting to 10?  That makes you smarter than 99% of all mammals on this planet.  Are you able to carry on a conversation, hold down a job, and buy things with the cash in your wallet?  How much smarter do you need to be?  Do you have any one thing that you can do better than any other random person?  Congratulations, you are smarter than that person.  Maybe you think you are just a dumb jock, that just happens to have 50 different football plays memorized and you also have the ability to execute them.  That takes some brains.

You are smart enough.  We don’t all need to be geniuses.  Even geniuses are smart at some things and dumb at others.

Being smart is a combination of education and life experience.  You likely have a little of both.

You are smart.

You are lovable

Are you spending all your time looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, and are you starting to think you might not be lovable?  You just haven’t found the right person that will recognize all your lovable features.  Have you ever had a best friend?  They loved you.  Do you have a mother or a father?  They love you.  Not convinced?  Have you ever had a puppy?  Puppies love everyone, including you.

Being lovable is more a reflection of your love of self than it is an opinion of someone else.  Love yourself and others will love you.

You are lovable.

You are successful

Have you ever taken one single task from start to completion?  That is success.  Have you ever earned income by working for yourself or for others?  You have achieved financial success.  Success as a moniker for worth is a sliding scale.  As soon as you achieve success, you find someone else that is more successful.  Step away from the societal judgment and comparative thinking to judge your success on your own merits.  You are successful in your own right.

You define your own success.

You are successful.

You are valuable

Have you done anything or created anything that benefits others, or that benefit yourself.  You have created value.  Do you have a job?  By performing that job you are providing value.  The proof is that someone is willing to pay you for that value.  Have you ever purchased food from the grocery store?  Congratulations, you have provided value to the farmer that produces the food, the workers that harvest the food, the processing plant the preps the food, the truck driver that transports the food, the grocery store that sells the food, the stock person that stocks the store, the checkout person that scans the items and takes your money.  By purchasing food, the work you did to earn that money has provided value to a whole chain of people.

Do you breathe?  You are providing one of the most valuable services on this planet, by creating life giving carbon dioxide to all the surrounding plant life, which they in turn use to create oxygen.  You are part of a system that allows life to exist.

You have value. You are valuable

Do you have a “You are…” that you’d like to share.  Post in the comments to keep this going, and then share it with someone you love.

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  1. says

    Wow that was deep…and thought provoking…Problem being we are programmed from birth , but perhaps if we did not allow society and the media to dictate the how’s,and what’s of our life and how we live it maybe, just maybe, we would feel different about ourselves. It is our responsibility to change things for the future generations, as this is OUR one shot at “this” life. Maybe we should reflect and prioritize and get back to the basics then we would feel beautiful , lovable, valued, successful..thus making us smart..because now ” we are” and can go forward in the garden of life…Just my thoughts… weedbychoice
    kjforce´s last blog post ..Just one of those days ?

  2. says

    You are strong – if you have failed in one thing, and decided to pick it up, and do it again, and again, and again… until you achieve the result you want to, then you too are strong, for you can overcome life’s challenges and make yourself a better person as a result…

    Noch Noch
    Noch Noch´s last blog post ..a pat on the back for 2011

  3. Doane says

    Before we can love others we should be able to fully love ourselves. To attract positive things, we should also exude positiveness, do you agree?

    Inspiring post! Keep it up!
    Doane´s last blog post ..female psychology

  4. Sammy Edwards says

    Wow, this post really makes me feel good and beautiful about myself. This is a good guide to boost ones self esteem. There are really situations wherein you feel ugly and insecure. What do you recommend us doing during those difficult times?

    Thoughtful post! I love reading it!


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