Know the Yoga Postures to Lose Weight

A healthy and dynamic lifestyle is essential to keep the human body fit and active. When the calorie intake exceeds the calories utilized, then people tend to gain excess weight. With the exceeding weight, there are many health risks and diseases associated too. So a check on the body mass ratio and weight of an individual must be constantly maintained. Exercising and following a healthy diet is recommended for leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. A more refined and medieval form of exercising is Yoga. Having its roots in the ancient times, Yoga is considered as a natural exercise that is highly useful in the refining of body, mind and soul.

Yoga postures that aid in weight loss:

Yoga not only aids in toning your muscles and reducing your weight, but also it helps in strengthening your mind and body connection. With the right attitude in your mind, you can achieve mind blowing results in a quick time period. Listed below are a few postures that target your large muscle groups including the abdomen, legs, and thighs helping you to burn more and more calories and increasing your metabolism rate.

  1. The tree posture
  • Stand keeping your feet together and hands kept at sides.
  • Exhale and while exhaling bend your right knee and place your right foot on your left leg with your toes pointing the floor.
  • Start by aiming near the calf area, and with time and improved balance, target to grip your left leg towards the thigh area as high as possible.
  • Inhale while raising your arms above your head like tree branches.
  • The pose helps in focusing and you can hold it for 6 to 9 breaths.
  1. Upward facing
  • Lie on your stomach facing down and your toes touching the floor.
  • Place your hands near your waist as you would do in a “push-up” posture.
  • Spread your fingers and lift your upper half of the body off the floor.
  • A very good weight loss pose, hold it for 6 to 9 breaths.
  1. Downward facing
  • Similar to upward facing, this pose requires you to bend forward rather than backward.
  • Turn your feet lying on your stomach, so that your feet balls are touching the floor.
  • Raise your back portion, and push with the help of your arms simultaneously.
  • Keep your head and neck in such a way that your ears are between your straightened arms.
  • Hold this pose for 6 to 9 breaths.
  1. Plank pose
  • Make the usual push up pose keeping your back straight like a wooden plank.
  • Try to fight gravity and lift your toes a little with a jerk raising them off the ground.
  • Hold to this pose as long as you can before collapsing and gradually increase the time gap.
  1. Sideways plank pose
  • Take the the plank pose, shift your total body weight to your right arm and the right leg on the right side.
  • Stack up your left foot on your right foot and try to balance.
  • Keep your left arm on your left hip.
  • When you feel the balance, stretch your left arm towards the ceiling.
  • Repeat on the other side too and try to hold as much as you can.

Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga when combined with a healthy diet and a happy outlook towards life can work wonders for your body and mind, making you happier and confident like never before! Try out these simple yoga postures for a fitter and healthier you!

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    People nowadays are really health conscious. I myself is guilty of this and I think I have posture problems because I sit for almost 20 hrs a day. Don’t you think I’d be afflicted by severe back pain in the future? I’m kind of scared.

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