Friendship Society – A New Blog about Friendship

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  Eden Journal has been a good blog, and it’s given me the opportunity to share a number of my thoughts about personal development and self improvement.  I hope that many of you have taken away some useful information to apply in your own lives.

Along the way I’ve developed my writing style and had a chance to collaborate with many great people.  I even teamed up with some fantastic bloggers to write a book about learning how to fall asleep.  It’s been great.

I have decided to narrow my focus and start a new blog.  I’ve long had a feeling deep inside that I need to focus on writing about friendships.  While the feeling has been there, the vision of what to create has been fuzzy.  At various stages over the last couple of years, the pieces have started falling into place.  It started with a domain name opening up, and just the other day a new blogging platform that I’ve been waiting for has opened it’s doors.  The time for me to take action is now, and so I have just opened the Friendship Society.

I’m just getting started, and the look isn’t very fancy yet, but I’m starting to write articles, and that’s really the important part of a blog.  The new blog platform has a nice clean look, and the best part it that it has a community feature that allows for improved communication between me and all my readers.  The community feature actually allows you to create your own posts.  That means you can share your own thoughts or ask your own questions and publish directly to the blog.

I’m not closing the doors on Eden Journal, but I will be shifting most of my attention to the Friendship Society.  Now it’s time to head on over and check it out.  Click here to go to

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